Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Young Women Presidency

Getting a picture of the YW presidency was a lot of fun. If they are this much fun just taking a picture the young women are really lucky. I couldn't decide which was best so am putting these 3 in here. You 'Young Women' look great! 
 Counselor Jana Hedman, President Shari Herbruck, Counselor Lorinda Strong

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Lesson

On Sunday, June 6, President Pam gave us a lesson on getting to know each other. The importance of sisterhood, fellowship and even a smile as you pass by. She had each sister fill out a questionnaire describing certain things about themselves. The first Sunday of each month certain sister(s) will be spotlighted using their answers. 

The following are pictures taken while filling out the questionnaires. Some people liked the camera, some people made fun of it. Can you tell which are which? 

The next picture is the presidency whispering together about their next 'move'. Who will be the first to be spotlighted? Wait to see....

Monday, May 24, 2010

May Luncheon

Last Friday, May 21, we had our May luncheon at Wenona's house. It was a small gathering this month but that meant more food for all of us. Yum! We had a great time, the food was delicious and the desserts were yummy. 

 President Pam Johnsen is already teaching Sophie Thomas about Relief Society.

Looks like Elisa Oliver and Tammy Wolcott are up to something. 

Arlene Christensen is keeping 'mum' about what was causing such laughter

 Sheryl Whipple & Angie Thomas figured it would be less painful to pose if they were together. :)

Gale Ragland told me she doesn't take good pictures. I think she looks pretty!

Judie Houle tried to sneak into the kitchen to get away from the camera.... 
There IS no getting away from the camera....unless you're holding it. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!

This is the first post of our Ojai Relief Society blog. We are hoping this will be a fun way to keep an historic account of some of our activities. Come back and check us out! If you take pictures at any event please send them to us to include in here. 

The picture above is our new presidency left to right:
Wenona Utter: Secretary,   Pam Johnsen: President,   
Tammy Wolcott: 2nd Counselor,   Angie Thomas: 1st Counselor

~We told you we'll be having fun~